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Established in 1979, Hydro Mania was one of the first to recognize the successful application of hydroponics techniques. We realized that the stage was set for a paradigm shift in crop production from conventional geo-ponics or cultivation in soil to hydroponics or soil less cultivation.

What is Hydroponics


Hydroponics is a high-tech method of growing plants in water rich in mineral nutrients instead of soil. Hydroponics is an ideal concept for today's agriculture sector which struggles to find new fertile lands for crop productions and will enable crops to be grown in greenhouses or in multilevel buildings.

Why Hydroponics?


You can grow all year around both indoors and out

Conserves water and plant nutrients are controlled.

More plants can be grown in a given area and crop flavor is enhanced.

Plants grow quicker with increased yields.

No need for weeding.

Soil borne pests are eliminated, leading to reduced needs for pesticides.

Farming company


Hydro Mania is a benchmark supplier within the indoor/Outdoor cultivation market.


Hydro Mania has everything to get the most from your passion.

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